Magento editie: Open Source
Jaar van livegang: 2013

Bandhu means friendship, friend, and guardian in the old Sanskrit language. Together with this unique piece of jewellery, you will remember your finest moments in life.

When wearing Bandhu you will feel the warmth and strength of people you love, the beauty of places you have been and the challenging parts of life you have experienced.

When giving Bandhu to a friend, or special person you know that you give a warm remembrance of a special moment shared together.

As friends, relatives and memories are unique, Bandhu jewellery is unique too. Each piece of jewellery is one of a kind and can be obtained in various kinds of reused leather and therefore your Bandhu remains a personalised symbol for life.

The Bandhu sign resembles the bond with others and makes it a gift of friendship and remembrance.
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