Meet Magento 2019: PWA, CI/CD, Future Magento Architecture and more


One of the best things about being a developer, especially one working with Magento as a platform, is you’ll never run out of new things to learn. Once you think you’ve mastered it all, they replace the frontend (sorry Knockout Experts), bet on a new search technology (Say goodbye to those SOLR skills), or who knows what part of the stack is next, maybe we’ll drop Linux hosting for Windows Server 2016.

At that point, I’ll probably give up and move on to pottery or something.

And with that our mission for the Meet Magento Netherlands 2019 lineup is born. Make sure we have tech talks that cover the biggest trends in Magento development for both beginners and experts.

I think we won’t disappoint you…

From Zero to Magento Expert in 4 talks

Not too familiar with developing in Magento yet? Or, like all of us, just getting started with Magento’s PWA studio? We’ve got you covered!

David Manners will kick it off with “So you want to develop with Magento” which will cover all the basics you might encounter writing your first extension or integration. This is a must for anyone starting out with development. Jordan Eisenburger will talk about PWA Studio telling you more about the features, and what to look out for. After this talk, you are ready to start building your own PWA template.

And to make sure your newly written code lives up to the highest quality standards Stephan Hochdörfer will tell you how to do that in his “Tools to improve the quality of your Magento project” talk.

And last but not least; Max Yekaterynenko will show you how to get involved with the Magento Community, contributing to the Core of Magento in his talk “The phenomenon of Community Engineering” where he shows you what over 6000 developers from around the world have accomplished over the last year.

Deep Dive into more tech

Ready to immerse yourself in the Magento tech stack and related tools? We offer some amazing Deep Dive sessions. John Hughes will be talking about the ins and outs of technology and code behind cache and indexing in his “Stop Flushing the Cache!” talk.

Did you like Jordan’s talk on PWA? Jisse Reitsma will dive into the practical details of integrating your new features and extensions with the various PWA solutions out there in “How Magento extensions will fit into PWA“. Or listen to Rik ter Beek on how he tackled complex issues like the new PSD2 and GDPR directives, preventing a UX nightmare while simultaneously integrating it in a correct way into the Magento Checkout during his “Adyen 3DS2 – A CX lead technical approach” talk.

Kim van Wilgen will talk about “Continuously delivering continuous delivery” with practical examples and insights on how teams and organizations can deal with Continuous Delivery and what it takes to make it successful. And we’ll have Igor Miniailo talk about the future of Magento 2 architecture in his “Monolith to Service Isolated Architecture” talk. A preview of what is to come for Magento on its way to becoming a Service Oriented platform.

TL;DR and some tech-less talks

All those talks making you tired? Just here for the afterparty? That’s fine! Make sure to catch “Half a rush hour of Magento 2” with Fabian Blechschmidt and Rico Neitzel, in which they will talk about every part of Magento’s feature- and tech stack in 30 minutes.

Or enjoy some tech-less talks such as the “Magento Association Panel” hosted by Ben Marks which will tell you more about the future of Magento community and events. And be sure to listen to Olena Sadoma and Slava Kravchuk talk about their amazing 7-month trip through Africa in “7 Months in a Bathroom

We’re excited about the upcoming event, and we hope to see you there on the 18th of April at the Louwmans Museum in The Hague!

More info on the event:
Sander Mangel
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Sander Mangel
Sander Mangel
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